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A creative technology installation by TOM KUNTZ + DAN DEACON

"Bugs" is a perpetually changing video installation featuring a band of musical insects brought to life by filmmaker Tom Kuntz in collaboration with electronic musician Dan Deacon.


The Mill - Innovations Manager



A 360° immersive film by JUSTIN LIN + GOOGLE


The Mill - Shoot Supervision / Production Innovations Manager

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity:
Digital Craft Lion Gold -  Virtual Reality
Digital Craft Lion Gold - Innovative Use of Technology

Communication Arts Awards:
Award of Excellence



Millstitch was the first ever industry acclaimed real-time 360° video stitching Directors Tool .

The Mill - Product Manager/ Innovations Manager

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity:
Digital Craft Lion Gold | Innovative Use of Technology

Innovation Gold Award | AR/VR breakthrough

Recognition for outstanding technology contribution and the impact on business and operations.


We collaborated with Director Guy Shelmerdine of Dark Corner to create a provocative, thrilling, first-of-its-kind VR journey through the final moments of a man’s life. Watch the trailer here for an up close and personal look at Mule.

The Mill - Technical Director/ Innovations Manager


The worlds first fully adjustable car rig that serves as motion capture acquisition for premium photo-realistic computer generated cars.


The Mill - Technical Product / Innovations Manager

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity:
Innovation Gold Award | Pioneering Technological Creativity

Hollywood Post Alliance:
The Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation




The Mill joined forces with Epic Games and chevrolet to revolutionize the conventions of digital filmmaking with “The Human Race,” a short film that debuted at GDC 2017. Combining an advanced implementation of Epic’s Unreal Engine with The Mill’s proprietary virtual production toolkit, Mill Cyclops™, “The Human Race” merges real-time visual effects and live-action storytelling.



The Mill - Innovations Manager

Realtime Live | Best in Graphics and Real-time interactivity


./acura “DNA”

The Mill blackbird transforms into Acura NSX, RLX and MDX

The Mill - Innovations Manager/ Shoot supervisor


360° Beatboxing film with 3D sound featuring world champion beatboxer Reeps One.

Reeps One: Does Not Exist" drops you into the center of beatboxer Reeps One’s first virtual reality performance. In this 360 music video, Aurelia Soundworks partnered with The Mill to consider how VR could encompass not only changing environments and hearing how those different environments affect the sonic qualities, but also play around with the concept of where you’re hearing the sounds from. The track was composed to fully utilize the 360 sonic and visual space, creating a totally new style of music video.

The Mill - Innovations Manager/ 1st AC


A 360° immersive film produced for SAMSUNG.


A 360 video prequel to 24: Legacy leveraging the latest Oculus/Samsung VR app and Samsung Gear VR. 
The experience puts you in the middle of a special forces military raid choreographed with uninterrupted action viewable from any direction. 

The Mill - Innovations Manager


An interactive benchmark tool released as partner launch alongside Microsoft for XBOX ONE X console.

We partnered with Microsoft to create ‘Insects’, Launched alongside the Xbox One X this piece served as a real-time interactive showcase leveraging the cutting-edge hardware and software features which included HDR, Dolby spatial audio, 4k display output.

The Mill - Innovations Manager

Webby Award:
Best Visual Design, most innovative, and effective or creative use of VR or 360 video to facilitate an interactive experience for users in a game or real-time setting on behalf of a brand or product.


Welcome to Marwen, the groundbreaking, genre-defying new film from visionary Academy Award winning filmmaker Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Back the Future trilogy, Cast Away) starring Steve Carrell, The Mill's emerging technology team has partnered with Universal Pictures to build an Augmented Reality mobile device app that will, for the first time, transport users into the movie itself.

The Mill - Innovations Manager


Directors David and Lisha invited our creative technology team to collaborate on a fun challenge here -- the brief called for mammoth amounts of independent elements including structures, landscape, vegetation, and water to be treated with hand painted look. Our objective was to leverage machine intelligence and state of the art stylization algorithms offering laborsaving execution without compromising artistry.

We looked to convolution neural networks to compliment earliest look exploration. Fueled by Nvidia's latest AI enhanced RTX boards we fed the network its weight in mood paintings, style references and game assets to produce artistic images of high perceptual quality - all within minutes! Synthesized texture maps that respected edge boundaries was a novel way of addressing temporal incoherence over image sequences. In the end this method was invaluable for character and overall style inspiration.

Once we met creative approval we reproduced the look into an anisotropic kuwahara filter for even more coherent abstraction. Derivative's Touchdesigner was used as a prototyping platform and real-time sequence review tool before finally porting the algorithm into distributed Nuke instances that offered artists more familiar creative control.
A great collaborative effort by artists and technologists trading high doses of curiosity!


./Nike “dream further”

Nike uses this dramatization to remind girls that they should never change their dreams but rather dream further in order to change the world.
If you look closely you might spot some cool shots produced using motion capture and unreal engine.

The Mill - Motion Capture Supervisor / Innovations Manager

./Cashmere Cat + Jake Schreier “Emotions”

The Mill has collaborated with Norwegian musician Cashmere Cat and renowned Director Jake Schreier on the groundbreaking new music video for ‘Emotions.’ The result is not only a visually stunning promo, but an advanced application of real-time technology that pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

The Mill - Innovations Manager

Featured on shots: link here

./Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Show

The Mill + Epic Games helped bring to life background visual/music video for Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2020 show. Lighting up the Louvre with 10112x2308 pixels invited a innovative approach of capturing 12+ minutes of final pixels through camera. Performance set against real-time(unreal engine) backgrounds displayed on Lux Maxhina’s ROE led wall. Key beautification touches and comp to achieve this fashion forward result.

The Mill - Technical Director/ Innovations Manager

./10-Year Anniversary Celebration Film -  League of Legends

The Mill collaborated with Riot Games to craft a celebration of ten years of League of Legends and its community. The collaborative nature of Riot Games and the players flowed seamlessly into this project. This important chapter in Riot Games’ history required international shoots, large-scale practical on-set builds and creative visual effects to construct the surprising narrative.

The Mill - Set Technical Supervision/ Innovations Manager