Regina Dugan

VP @ Building 8, Facebook
VP of Engineering, ATAP Google
Director Darpa(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
”Tawfeeq is an exceptional architect of new technologies for storytelling. I met Tawfeeq when he worked as a representative of the Mill alongside the team at Google ATAP and Justin Lin to help create the first cinematic, immersive film made uniquely for mobile. Tawfeeq led the technology team responsible for building the only Hollywood-scale film pipeline and custom tool set including Mill Stitch. These award-winning tools enabled director Justin Lin to view the 360-degree action of ‘HELP’ as it was shot, in real-time, as the images fed through a series of cameras suspended over the LA river basin. ‘HELP’ went on to be recognized for awards that included: Cannes Gold Lion for Innovative use of technology, Cannes Gold Lion for best in virtual reality, the WEBBY award for technical achievement in VR, and the SXSW AR/VR breakthrough innovation award.”

Usman Shakeel

Worldwide Technology Leader (Media & Entertainment) at Amazon Web Services
Tawfeeq is very technology savvy and one of the smartest guys I have worked with. He is very well spoken and trust worthy. It is always a treat to discuss the latest tech with him and I learn a thing or two around his subject matter during our meetings.”

Ginny Galloway

Executive Producer at Marshmallow Laser Feast, HABITATS Project
Tawfeeq was a delight to work with and was instrumental in bringing our latest VR piece, REEPS ONE: "Does Not Exist" video to life. Our recent collaboration with The Mill and beatboxer Reeps One was an ambitious, original concept that faced many challenges and Tawfeeq was there at every turn to offer creative and technical solutions. He was incredibly supportive and went way above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we hit the highest mark of quality on a technical and creative level. It was an honor to work with him and I look forward to creating more projects together. He is truly a 5 star master of his craft.

Matthew Rolston

Acclaimed Artist, Photographer, Creative director
The VR gallery experience was a great success amongst my colleagues and friends, and I’m very pleased with the results. I wanted to take this moment to thank you for all the hard work, both creative and technical, that went into its creation. It was really a pleasure getting to know you. I feel that you have an intuitive grasp in terms of working collaboratively, and I felt very comfortable talking to you about whatever issues. It was always a learning for me to understand a bit more of the technical challenges along the way. I very much hope we’ll have a chance to work together again sometime in the near future.
Thank you again for the hard work, the sensitivity to detail, and all of the effort. Those are the things that make whatever work we do come alive.

Karen Dufilho

Executive Producer at Google
Tawfeeq was key to the success of Help, our fourth Google Spotlight Story and our first live action one, directed by Justin Lin. He oversaw the project from end-to-end as The Mill's Technical Innovation Manager with a steady style and focused determination. An absolute pleasure.

Arielle Davis

Executive Producer/Head of Production/Creative Producer
Tawfeeq thrives in coming up with ideas that are both inside and outside of the box! He is a team player, and is open to problem solving with colleagues in various departments to come up with a great solution for all involved. I worked with Tawfeeq for several years on a variety of projects that he became integral to the team - from commercials to an art installation to R&D on new technologies.

Charlie Brittz

Freelance Editor. Colorist. Compositor.
Everyone who has had the pleasure of working with Tawfeeq knows that he is the go-to-guy when stuff doesn't work. His knowledge of everything that has an on-switch is remarkable - I'm sure his phone rings all day!
Thanks for all the help Tawfeeq, you're a superstar.

Armand van der Walt

Senior Solutions / Enterprise Architect and Team Leader of a passionate team of Solution Architects at Internet Solutions
Tawfeeq is a dedicated and disciplined team player. I worked with Tawfeeq as part of a solution design team for Waterfront Studios. His in-depth knowledge of the infrastructure he was managing as well as his sound knowledge and broad expererience in the IT Industry assisted me in delivering a solution in line with their IT strategy. He would be an asset to any organisation. He will be invaluable to any team!

Donyale Sexton (MacKrill)

Digital Strategist, Content Creator & Travel Addict
Tawfeeq was a pleasure to work with, always willing to think out of the box to find solutions and a good leader among the technical team. He set the example with his own work ethic and was someone whose knowledge and expertise I relied upon.

Robin Voges

Senior Systems Administrator / Network Administrator at Waterfrontstudios
A great person to work under for more reasons that the ones listed below. He is a very fair and diplomatic manager, with a key interest in the well-being of his staff / department members. Great technical knowledge and very well at applying it when tackling problems or projects.

Alastair Mason

Owner at Alabandit Productions
Tawfeeq is a brilliant engineer, with extensive knowledge of Post production hardware and software. He has a excellent work history often extending him self past the demand of the task. He is an excellent team leader and team member. Defiantly a person i hope to work with in the future.

Rhyder Key

Chief Commercial Officer at Co-Foundry
Tawfeeq's greatest strengths are being a master of all things and the pure will power to make sure the job is complete to the highest degree possible.

Karen Grant

Team facilitator| Transition coach| Leadership facilitation
I worked with Tawfeeq in a coaching relationship for a period of 6 months while he was the head of engineering at Waterfront Studios. Tawfeeq embraced the coaching process and was fully committed to building both self awareness and a greater awareness of his team. I found Tawfeeq to be a devoted and flexible manager, who is flexible to change and always looking for solutions. It has been a pleasure to work with him on this part of his journey.

Nico Pienaar

Area Manager Research Technology Mgt. at AT&T
Tawfeeq is a dedicated individual that always responded professionally to tasks assigned to him. He works well with his peers and managers. His has a positive attitude towards life, key to his daily interaction with clients. It was an absolute pleasure working with Tawfeeq and I wish him all the best for the future.