The popular opinion is that film photography is "dead".

The shift to digital capture largely a result of the instant gratification it offers over film. There are no longer any processing and printing wait times, a previous expense now sparred to the photographer.

The progressive allure of anything auto( auto-focus, auto-aperture, auto-iso, auto-shutter) coupled with immediate photo review and online sharing ability has proven impossible to resist. Most of us has given in.

We have traded our once deeply intimate analog affair(which might have included lots of fumbling in the dark) for mostly convenience- sadly.

As a result we face a possibility of losing a medium that has captured the magical moments of our past forever. Maybe a little too dramatic? The reality though is that some of our favorite film stocks are already no longer produced and processing/printing labs are closing doors. the craftsmanship of yesteryear's hardware 

Monkeyonthebed aims to disrupt. With your help we can tip the scales enough to make sure some these vintage jewels are enjoyed by another generation.

If you are an experienced filmshooter please help us showcase some of your amazing work and experiences with film.
Let's inspire as many curious about going analog so that we may tip the scales and hopefully see that film is produced for many more years to come.

"film is NOT dead..yet, until then let's get as many monkeys jumping on the bed..."